“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

The sheriff of Bates County, Missouri cannot defend himself from

The sheriff of Bates County, Missouri cannot defend himself from a turkey without using lethal force. He was on private property investigating a problem with some trash, and while there says he was attacked by Mr. Camo, a pet turkey. According to this article, after attempting to fend off the turkey for "several minutes," "the deputy went ahead and shot the turkey because he was in fear for his personal safety." 

Why didn't he just leave the property? Was the trash problem really that urgent? Why didn't he at least leave a note for Mr. Camo's family to let them know he had shot and injured their turkey? Too much trouble? Too little concern for the suffering of a sentient creature capable of suffering? Mr. Camo's family came home, figured out he had been shot and took him to a vet to be humanely euthanized. There was nothing humane about the behavior of the deputy, and he certainly did not demonstrate any courage or wisdom. 

As often happens in these cases, the police have dragged up stories in which Mr. Camo reportedly scratched or bothered other people. Perhaps he had. Perhaps Mr. Camo should have been better confined. However none of that justifies the sheriff's deputy in shooting him. The only justification would have been an attack in which there was imminent serious harm to the deputy - and the fact that he had been able to fend off the turkey for several minutes without using lethal force gives the lie to that argument. RIP Mr. Camo. I wish a smarter and more courageous and humane deputy had decided to check out the trash in your yard. 

Thanks to Linda Rogers for posting this distressing story of cruelty.