“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Dogs Shot by Police

This is a very disturbing account posted on this page April 9, 2013 about a dog named Melo who was maced by a Fresno, CA police officer because he was barking inside his fenced yard at the police and a police K9 who were apparently outside the yard. There is no better way to demonstrate the arrogance of these police officers than to quote the account of what they did and said from this report by the family: 

"Then another K-9 officer comes out from the side of my neighbors and says that he sprayed him because he looked like he was going to jump the fence. I asked was he about to jump the fence? The officer replied "No, but I wasn't going take that chance. You're lucky I didn't Shoot him." By then I was furious and the cop told me to step outside of my gate and said he can do what ever he wants. Then his Sergeant came to talk to me and told me that their dog cost $12,000 and if the officer feels like his K-9 was in danger then he can spray or even shoot him if he wanted to."