“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Pit bull owner says dog who died was shot while running away, not for attacking cops

Pat Guglielmo says his 2-year-old pit bull, Baby Girl, was shot in the back by police as she was trying to run away from officers, contradicting a police account that the animal charged them. Baby Girl died on Thursday.
Cops killed his Baby Girl.
The grieving owner of a 2-year-old pit bull mortally wounded by a cop’s bullet in Staten Island says police had no reason to kill his beloved pet.
“They killed our baby,” owner Pat Guglielmo said of Baby Girl, who died of her wounds Thursday.
Baby Girl died five days after she was shot at Schmul Park in Travis.
Guglielmo’s fiancĂ©e, Patricia Ratz, had taken the doomed dog and two other pit bulls for a walk when the other dogs started snapping at each other.
One of the dogs bit Ratz when she tried to intervene, police sources said.
Police contend two cops shot Baby Girl when the animal charged them, yet Guglielmo says his dog was running away when she was hit.
“The bullet went right through her back,” he said, disputing the police account. “(The police) lied. They said they were being attacked, but that’s so false.”
Police are standing by their account, but also say the shooting is still being investigated.