“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Greenfield Dog Shot and Killed By Police..

GREENFIELD, Calif. -- On this sunny afternoon Freddy Hernandez's backyard sits quiet. An empty dog house and toys, no dog left to play with. That's because Hernandez's best friend, Rocko, was killed by Greenfield Police.
"He's been around us for a long time. He was a good dog," said Hernandez.
Neighbors said that kids were taunting Rocko from one side of the fence, and Rocko who was watching them, started getting angry. So an agitated Rocko, managed to knock the fence down and started chasing the kids down the block.
That's when police were dispatched to the neighborhood. But by the time they got there, Rocko was back in Hernadez's fenced in yard. No one was hurt. Neighbors told Central Coast News cops got closer to see if Rocko was in the yard. Police say that's when Rocko ran at cops.
"The dog is going to be a dog, he's going to protect his property," said Hernandez.
Neighbors said cops shot Rocko at least 3 times.
"He could've used the pepper spray or could've shot towards the grass," said Hernandez.
Hernandez wants answers, such as where was animal control? Central Coast News checked and Monterey County doesn't have a contract with the city of Greenfield for those services. It said that the Greenfield Police Department has its own animal control.
"If it happens today, what are you going to do? If another dog approaches a person are they going to shoot them again too?" said Hernandez.
Greenfield Police said they are reviewing the case to make sure the proper procedures were taken, but Chief Eric Sills said the dog was viciously chasing after kids and by law, the cops have every right to shoot a dog when it attacks