“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Coral Springs Police Shoot Dog During Foot Chase

On Sunday morning, Coral Springs Police Cops shot and killed a dog that showed signs of aggression after the dog charged cops during a foot pursuit.
Around 3:51 a.m., Coral Springs Police cops were dispatched to the area of 10600 NW 37th Street regarding a complaint about loud voices and yelling.
As cops arrived in the area to investigate, several subjects who were standing near a vehicle saw the cops, then suddenly fled on foot to the rear of several residences. As cops proceeded, they passed through a gate left open by the fleeing individuals and entered the backyard of a home where they encountered a very large dog. The dog, according to police, began to show signs of aggression toward the cops by barking and advancing in their direction. That is when the cops began to slowly retreat in the direction they entered at which time the dog charged at the cops. Fearing for their safety, both cops discharged their weapon, striking the dog several times. The dog stopped advancing and fell to the ground.
Members of the Coral Springs Police Department Humane Unit responded to tend to the injured dog which was taken to Coral Springs Animal Hospital for treatment. The owner of the dog was contacted and advised of the injuries and options that could be provided by the animal hospital.
Ultimately it was decided by the owner that the dog would be euthanized.
Edited: 7:40 pm – Cop Brad McKeone contributed report that Animal Hospital reports breed was Pit Bull. Owner reports dog was American Bulldog. Editor regrets error.