“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Concord: Cops shoot dog after it charges…and there are no wittnesses of course

CONCORD -- Police cops checking on a homeless camp complaint shot and injured a dog when it charged at them Friday afternoon, Concord police said.
No one was injured.(Well the dog was killed)
At 4:55 p.m., two Concord police responded to a complaint related to a homeless camp just off Ponderosa Avenue in Concord. When the cops found the camp, a pitbull terrier mix immediately confronted them.  Police said the cops ordered the owner to grab the dog, and when the person didn't and the dog charged and tried to attack them, they fired. The dog was hit, Concord police added, before it turned and ran about a mile before cops caught up to it. Animal Control cops picked up the dog, which was taken to be medically evaluated. The dog was still alive, but wounded, when it was transported.
The dog's condition is unknown.
Information about the complaint the cops were investigating is unavailable.