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MPPD: Officer accidentally shot K-9

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WALA) - A very important member of the Moss Point Police Force is recovering after being shot. It’s the department’s K-9, Cora. Police said the shooter was one of their own.

Although she was a little sore, on Thursday, March 7, it was obvious Cora had made tremendous progress since the shooting Tuesday.

Police Chief Keith Davis said Cora is a big part of the Moss Point Police Department.

"She’s a member of the family," said Davis.

The focus now is on getting Cora back on the job. Davis said the 2-year-old K-9 was shot while officers were conducting a search warrant at a home.

"Entry was made into the residence and the K-9 handler attempted to circle around the back of the residence to secure any person's attempting to flee from the rear of the residence,” said Davis.

Police said Cora heard some commotion inside the house, and did what she is trained to do - respond to the threat.

"The K-9 pulled away from her handler, got loose from him and went towards the fight where the individuals were being arrested," said Davis.

Police said Cora mistook one of the undercover officers for a suspect and bit his leg. Police said at the same time, the officer mistook the K-9 for the suspect’s pit bull.

"With all of the chaos going on inside of the residence, the officer turned thinking it was one of the vicious dogs he had heard about and tried to isolate the threat,” said Davis.

Davis said the officer shot, sending a bullet through Cora's hind leg. She was rushed into emergency surgery.

The vet said it will be a few weeks, but Cora will be back on the force, doing what she loves.

"Her responsibilities are as important as a human police officer," said Davis.

Thursday, Cora acted like nothing had happened playing tug-of-war with the chief. Her handler said it's important for her to take it easy, but it’s obvious Cora wants nothing to do with rest.

Cora’s handler said after she was shot, Cora didn’t even flinch. He said she kept her focus on the job.

The Moss Point Police Department is asking an outside agency to investigate.