“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Louisiana police shoot elderly dog in fenced yard

Senior dog shot by police
A family's elderly dog was shot and killed in her own Lafayette, La. yard after police officers responded to a house alarm call on Monday.
According to Monday's KTDY News, twoLafayette police officers were dispatched to the home of Matt and Michelle Sonnier on Montauban Drive after the family's security alarm went off.
While investigating the exterior of the house, the officers entered the residents' fenced back yard where they encountered the family's senior dog.
For some reason, the officers felt that the 15-year-old shepherd mix posed a deadly threat and both officer fired their guns, killing her.
Tragically, the alarm went off after a door was inadvertently left unlatched - there never was an intruder.
The Lafayette Police are investigating the incident as standard procedure following the discharge of an officer's gun.