“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Cop charged in killing of dog appears in court

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — A Commerce City police officer finds himself on the other side of the law Tuesday during a court appearance in Adams County.
Officer Robert Price is accused of shooting and killing a family dog named Chloe on Nov. 24.
But, Price didn’t come to court alone.
His appearance triggered support and opposition.
They came out of the court room silent. About two dozen officers, in suits and ties, didn’t say a single word.
Home video shows Price firing five bullets into the Labrador-Pit bull mix.
It’s the video, along with testimony from 15 additional witnesses, and a necropsy that led the Adam’s County District Attorney’s Office to independently determine Price allegedly committed a felony of aggravated animal cruelty.
“I would like to see the officers involved with this taken off the force altogether, in no way shape or form, not a desk job. Nothing else,” says Polly, a supporter of the dog’s owner.
Those who stand behind Chloe and her owner Gary Branson also showed up.
“I love police. I love our officers. But I also need to be able to trust them–that they are here for our best interests,” says Chloe supporter, Rebecca Harrison.
And while the lips of these law enforcement officers are sealed, the Fraternal Order of Police said in this email:
“…these officers did nothing wrong and are unfortunate victims of a sensationalized media event. This matter never should have been referred to the DA’s Office…it did not meet any reasonable standard for a criminal investigation.”
“We want to support law enforcement. But in doing so, law enforcement has to be held accountable when doing something that is blatantly wrong,” says Terry, who supports Chloe’s owner.
Price was supposed to enter a plea. But a judge postponed it until April 15.
Price’s attorney also has 15 days to have his expert look at Chloe. He apparently wants to independently verify her breed. After that time, the dog must be returned to Branson.