“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Adams County deputy accused of wrongfully shooting, killing dog

ADAMS CO. - New accusations of a law enforcement officer opening fire on a dog in Adams County.

The shooting occurred shortly after 8 p.m. Monday in the 5400 block of Tennyson Street in Denver.

Business owner Jeff Fisher says Adams County sheriff's deputies went to the wrong address and killed his dog Ziggy, who was simply running outside to check things out.

"That's my son. I've had him for 8 years. That's my son," Fisher said.

Fisher says Ziggy came to work with him every day.

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Ziggy was a 35 pound, 8-year-old blue heeler/border collie mix who Fisher says was not aggressive.

He says two Adams County deputies forced their way into Fisher's business, startling his dog which ran outside.

"He turned to come back to me. And the police officer opened fire. He ran past the police officer at the door. He just wanted to see who it was. And the police officer shot him 3 times," he said.

Fisher says Ziggy was about 15 feet from the deputy who opened fire.

"And I'm yelling 'You shot my dog. You shot my dog.' And the police officer says 'You need to calm down. You can get a new dog," Fisher said.

Fisher described the whole situation as "surreal" and claims Ziggy was not being aggressive.

"That dog was my best friend," Fisher said. "They never informed they were police officers ... They shot him on a concrete slab. It's never going to be the same. I raised that guy since he was 6 weeks old."

Fisher just wants the police to take "responsibility for their actions."

"[Ziggy's] not going to jump on my bed anymore," Fisher said crying.
 Fisher says those deputies went to the wrong address and the alarm they were sent to investigate was next door.

Attorney Jennifer Edwards with the Animal Law Center represents Fisher and the owner of Chloe, a dog who was shot and killed in Commerce City in late November.

"What is going on? This is becoming an epidemic in Colorado," Edwards said.

Home video from late November shows Commerce City police officer Robert Price shooting Chloe 5 times when she was already restrained.

Price faces a felony charge of animal cruelty and his arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Price is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal case against him.

"There is something very wrong in these departments and something has got to be done about it. They're taking our family members," Edwards said.

Edwards says killing a family pet is a "fourth-amendment violation."

Edwards is a large proponent of additional training for police officers in dealing with unknown pets.

"The people of Colorado should be outraged," Edwards said.

Fisher filed a complaint against Adams County and has sought to preserve evidence in the case, Edwards says.

Reached by phone Tuesday afternoon, Adams County Undersheriff Roger Engelsman told 9NEWS "It's our goal to complete a thorough investigation of this matter, so we have the ability to answer questions that citizens may have regarding the incident and to do the right thing for the dog owner."

9NEWS invited the Adams County Sheriff's office to tell their side but were told nobody will be answering questions on camera at this time and the office will not comment further until their investigation is over.

Both deputies involved in the shooting are still on duty.

Fisher plans to file a lawsuit.

He says nothing can erase the pain of losing Ziggy.

"I don't understand how you shoot a dog three times that's not aggressive," Fisher said. "All he wanted to do was play."