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Gates police stand by cop's decision to shoot dog

Gates police stand by cop's decision to shoot dog

The Gates Police Department held a press conference Friday in response to a dog that was shot by an officer on Crestwood Boulevard Monday morning.

According to Lt. Jim VanBrederode of the Gates Police Department, the officer found the 142-pound pitbull mastiff loose and dragging a broken chain outside of the owner’s home around 9 a.m.

Video taken by the police department shows that the dog was barking while approaching the officer.

When the animal came within a couple feet of the officer, he shot the dog in the leg in self defense. The officer was not injured.

The dog’s owner, Jerome Johnson, 40, was ticketed for having an unleashed dog -- a misdemeanor under New York State Agricultural and Markets Law.

Johnson, who owns multiple dogs, has been ticketed and fined previously for similar incidents.

The family opted to have the animal euthanized.

“We are sorry for the family’s loss but our officer acted in a reponsible fashion following our department policy and, above all, protecting the safety of neighbors and himself,” VanBrederode said.