“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Family speaks out on shooting deaths of relative & dog


The family of a fatal shooting victim in Henrico is speaking out on their loved one's death — and the violent loss of their dog — on the same day.

As Henrico Police pieced together the homicide Wednesday morning, a sickening feeling rattled Latoya Ellerbe, after she couldn't reach her brother.

"I kept on calling his cell phone all night, all morning. I couldn't sleep, and I kept on getting strange feelings," said Latoya Ellerbe.

Her intuition was tragically correct. Latoya said her brother, Ricky Ellerbe, 32, was shot and killed at close range. His body was discovered face-down near Carroll and 20th Streets. Neighbors say the route where he was found is used frequently by people walking to the store nearby.

Latoya said the reality was piercing as police knocked on her family's door.

"We just started crying before they (police) said, 'Ricky has been shot, and he's dead.' We were just going off," described Latoya of hearing the devastating news.

Stricken with grief, Latoya ran outside her home. She said one of the officers followed, but the family's pit bull, Tiger, charged at him.

"The dog never jumped on him, but he (the police officer) just took out his gun and shot him," said Latoya.