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Shoots Pit Bull

Shoots Pit Bull

OILDALE, Calif. -- A sheriff's deputy shot a pit bull during an investigation, and the dog's owner says it was law enforcement's fault.

It's a case of conflicting accounts that resulted in a dog being shot.

The animal owner said the deputy let the dog out when he opened the door, and law enforcement said the dog broke through an unlatched security gate Tuesday afternoon, charging the deputy.

The dog was shot during the tail end of an investigation where deputies responded to a disturbance at the same address.

"I saw the cop with his gun drawn, and I said, 'What happened?' and he told me he shot the dog," said Crystal Kendrick, the dog owner's roommate.

The officer first tried to use less lethal force to stop the dog, but that did not work.

"He did attempt to fend the dog off with his baton, but he was not successful. So he did resort to using his firearm," said Ray Pruitt, Kern County Sheriff's Office.

During the investigation, the dog was locked into a back bedroom. The owner said the deputy was wrong for shooting his dog because the investigation was over, and the deputy came back.

"I told the officer I was releasing the dog from the bedroom and back into the house because the deputy said he is done with us. My thought is that he opened the screen because there's no way he busted through the screen. The latch was closed. This is a pretty good security screen door," said Kendrick.

Law enforcement said the dog attacked the deputy before he shot the animal.

"The pit bill ran towards the security door and was able to push it open because it wasn't latched and ran through the door out towards the deputy," said Pruitt.

Residents said the reinforced security door was locked, and the only way the dog got out was by the deputy's hand.

"There's no reason for him to be coming back in and helping himself back into the house after the investigation was over," said Kendrick.

The dog was hit three times but is expected to make a full recovery because no vital organs were hit; the shots went clear through.

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