“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Another dog killed by cop

The incident below and pending rally was brought to my attention from Davy V., a longtime Rochester, NY-based police accountability activist that’ll soon be blogging here on CopBlock.org. Text used in the post was taken Facebook updates on Davy’s profile and the related Change.org petition. As is clear from the long list of related posts below, this is not an isolated incident. Today, police are trained to shoot dogs first, then ask questions later, if ever. It’s got to stop. -Pete

On Friday night employees of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call that there was a house party on Whitney Road. When they arrived there was a car parked illegally in front of a house where a man was watching a movie inside and his dog was outside on the driveway without a leash because he had invisible fencing. The police officer(s) decided to walk up the man’s driveway and shoot his dog for no reason.

The officer said the dog was aggressive, but anyone who knew this dog painted a very different picture. Neighbors said this dog did not even bark that night and there was no reason for the officer to shoot him dead.

Let these overzealous police officers know that it is not okay for them to walk onto my property and kill my pet because they think they may pose a threat. Any dog owner or pet lover should sign this.

They had no right to murder this family member in cold blood and I am sick to think we pay our taxes so this ruthless practice can go on. If we do not do something about this, we all will not be able to leave our pets outdoors. Police have even been known to show up to the wrong house and shoot someones dog. This petition is simply saying that police officers are not above the law and should have to face what they have done in a court of law.

Please help me to get justice for Diablo.