“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Cop Shoots Dog In East Moline, Investigation Underway

The Rock Island County sheriff's office says it will take a look into a complaint of animal cruelty against one of its deputies.
The office confirms a deputy shot a dog in East Moline and neighbors are upset. The aftermath was caught on camera by a viewer who shared the video with us.
Shelby Gosa says her step-mother called 9-1-1 after two rottweilers were trying to attack their neighbor's rabbits. She says the first dog got into the deputy's squad car without any problems and she went inside her home, thinking the second one would do the same.
A few minutes later she says she heard a gunshot.
"The dog got about as far as the passenger side door and collapsed and began to bleed profusely everywhere," she said.
Shelby says both dogs were very friendly when they approached her outside. The sheriff's office says the deputy shot the dog because it became aggressive.

Both dogs were taken to the animal shelter. It's unclear whether the one who got shot died on the scene or at the shelter.