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Ardmore officer charged with poisoning domestic animals enters plea

By: Lauren Smith

ARDMORE, OK -- An Ardmore police officer, accused of killing his neighbor's dogs, was in court Wednesday.
An Ardmore woman who lives in the Hickory Ridge Addition claims in April, her pet schnauzer was one of several dogs that were poisoned by neighbor and Ardmore police officer, Barry Antwine.
She said, "I think there were mixed emotions, just sad to watch her suffer and be so sick and not really know why"
In May, Antwine was charged with "laying out poison for domestic animals" for allegedly putting antifreeze in a bowl on his property with the intent of killing his neighbors' dogs.
The woman said, "This is a safe neighborhood. It's been a great place for us to live and so I hated to have to lose her that way"
She says she never purposefully let her dog roam the neighborhood out of sight.
She added, "I have little kids so if they leave the door open and she might would run out but never just out all day to wander, you know, she was inside and we kept her inside but occasionally she'd get out, but she definitely wasn't an outside dog."
Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd said, "It's a misdemeanor offense here in Oklahoma and his case has been set for disposition docket on August the 5th at 2 o'clock"
Ladd says Antwine is maintaining not guilty at this time and Antwine's involvement in the police department will not play a role in the charges filed.
Ladd said "It really didn't factor into my thinking. I mean, I just reviewed the reports and try to make a decision based upon what we could prove and what I feel like the evidence supports."
The victim we spoke with says while her family pet cannot be replaced she chooses not harbor any resentment toward Antwine.
She said, "We as a family are forgiving people and we believe that grace and giving people second chances."
Ardmore Police Chief Ken Grace says Antwine remains on administrative leave pending the investigat