“It’s becoming a disturbingly familiar scene in America - mentally unstable cops”

Rap video dedicated to Max, killed by Hawthorne Police

Rap video dedicated to Max, killed by Hawthorne Police


This new video is inspired skit by Actor/Comedian Claudie Jones and written by Claudie and Hassan Haze about the Dog killing in Hawthorne. Jaa Berry is featured as the dog killer. The Skit is putting a spin on the brutal dog killing by the Hawthorne police department. It's titled "Bitch Don't Kill My Dog."

Now I'll be the first one to admit I don't watch rap videos. But this one got my attention. Mainly because it has a good message inside the lyrics. I would like to caution viewers there's a lot of profanity involved.

Then again, dog lovers who are fed up with police killing their family 4-legged members are in a cussing mood these days, including those who create rap videos.

Some of the lyrics to this skit are

"I was walking outside and all my neighbors saw we know the cops is crooked so I record with my phone."

"It's time to go on a long long walk. It's time to put your bullet proof vest on girl. I mean, you know,you're black I'm black, the cops are out. We might not make it back. You ready?"

The video begins by showing the skit actors shooting a dog walking toward them four times at close range.

Then it moves on to Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Aiyana, age 7, who was killed by police when a Detroit police SWAT team raided her home on May 16. Police were at the home looking for a murder suspect who wasn't there. Aiyana died after being shot in the face by the officers.

The video goes on to display "Police brutality: Not just for black people anymore."

This video is spot-on with the way police are becoming in the U.S. Just as the pit bull breed isn't the only dog being shot, black people aren't the only race being harassed by officers.

It's open season on dogs, and any race is now eligible to be abused by those who are supposed to protect and serve.

People, protect yourselves, protect your dogs. By this I mean don't think your dog is safe just because it's in its own yard or on a leash. Don't antagonize officers. A 14-year old was allegedly choked and his 6-week-old puppy injured by Miami-Dade officers by looking at the officers the wrong way.

Police seem to be in their own little world these days. Protect and serve now means their department rather than the people. Keep away from police, and keep your dogs away from police.

Anyone agree with me on that one? Your comments are welcome.