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Northport family wants answers after officer shoots, kills their pit bull

A family in West Alabama wants answers after a Northport police officer shot and killed their pit bull. The owners say they getting conflicting stories from police and neighbors who saw what happened.
Kelly and Kylie Law were at work when their 4-year-old pit bull, Cage, was shot and killed on their property.
"There's so much confusion as to what happened," said Kylie Law.
Monday morning Kylie received a phone call from her neighbor telling her that Cage was dead on their porch.
Northport Police say the officer killed cage in self defense. They say that the officer tried to push Cage away with his baton, but couldn't, and had no other choice but to kill the dog. However, an eyewitness to the shooting tells FOX6 News police are lying.
"The dog didn't come after nobody," said Donald Montgomery.
Montgomery lives across the street from the Laws. The police officer and an officer with animal control were actually at his house on an ordinance complaint, when he says the officers noticed Cage. Montgomery says Cage was sitting on the porch when the officers came in his yard.
"The dog sees them coming over there, and he comes down the steps to go back around the house, and they started shooting him," said Montgomery.
According to Montgomery, Cage would from time to time sit on the porch, but he never left the yard.
Montgomery isn't the only one not believing the officers story. He, along with eight other neighbors, told the Laws they saw the same thing.
"We didn't ask any of our neighbors to come. They were already here willing to tell us what had happened because they know our dogs," said Kylie Law.
For the Laws none of this makes sense, which is why they're planning to ask for an internal investigation into the incident.
"There are two sides to every story. We are trying to find the medium, the truth to what happened to our baby," said Kylie Law.
And they can't help but wonder, was it Cage or his breed that cost him his life?
"I want to make sure this doesn't happen again," said Kelly Law.

In a news release, Northport Police describe Cage as a vicious dog running loose, growling and charging the officers.